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Bev chose to read and review The American Policeman by John Privilege.


The American Policeman Review


I was given this book via Rosie’s Review Team in return for an honest review. I’d downloaded a sample, and wanted more.


The title intrigued me, as I love character-driven writing. Con, the American policeman, is convincingly drawn, foibles and all. His task – to capture a violent psychopath in a cleverly constructed post-apocalyptic London.


Privilege has a fluid style of writing, using dialogue effectively to fill out his characters. When we do get back story, this is slickly delivered for the most part.


If you enjoy a certain rawness, a certain intimacy of expression, this book will satisfy. These are real people, who are not afraid to say exactly what they think! I should add that there are a lot of them. I found it hard to keep track of who was who, and wondered whether so many characters were necessary, or whether my addled brain was just not keeping up!


I did find the middle part of the book a little slow. This was mainly due to a tendency to repetition. As the story unfolded, the action stalled, with too much attention given to recapping and planning for the eventual denouement. I didn’t skip ahead, but I did think about it. I certainly hoped that it wasn’t going to be an action thriller that was going to fizzle out and leave me stranded.


It absolutely didn’t.


When the pace picked up I was riveted. I’d guessed the twist, but that didn’t matter. The writing carried me along at a furious pace and the ending – well, it chilled me to the bone.


Another independent writer to add to my list.

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  1. I loved this book, Bev! You should read his first one, The Turning of the World, it’s fab. It’s when the pandemic first strikes. 🙂


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