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It’s Day 10 of the #MysteryNovember book tour, hop aboard and enjoy the ride.

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Today our guest is Georgia Rose and her book Before The Dawn.

Before The Dawn - Final cover - Kindle

…he moved closer and slowly ran the point of his blade along my jaw line as he spoke softly, intimately, to me. 

“So, you are Trent’s woman. Now that is very…appealing.” I glared back at him silently.’

There are testing times ahead for Grayson and Trent as trouble threatens Melton Manor. When an attack is made against those on the estate, Grayson gets caught in the middle finding herself and those around her in terrible danger. Terrified when she thinks tragedy has struck again she fights to protect those she now views as family and, suffering bloodshed and pain, confronts her fears – both brought by the enemy and by the one she loves.

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Where is your home town?

Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire – although I actually live about 8 miles from the town in a small village.

What do you like about writing in the mystery genre?

I think this stems from my reading where I often like there to be a bit of intrigue to the story. When I first thought up the Grayson Trilogy I really enjoyed planning it all out in my head and I loved the way the various points in the plot came together. There is joy to be had in having a plot hole and then another part of the story falling into place to fill it.

What sub-genre of mystery does your book fit?

Romantic suspense, though in Before the Dawn the emphasis is definitely on the suspense with plenty of action and adventure thrown in. In some quarters it has even been called a thriller.

Where is your book set?

Before the Dawn is set on the completely fictional Melton Manor Estate, which is located somewhere in England. Readers have made suggestions of where it is for them and these have ranged from Gloucestershire to Cornwall but other than the fact it is based in a rural, soft rolling landscape I cannot be any more precise. With a fictional setting readers build up their own image and I have had some talk to me about how they see the estate and occasionally argue about where something is placed, which is a bit surreal.

Can you introduce us to the main characters?

Before the Dawn is the second book in The Grayson Trilogy which I have written in the first person from the point of view of Emma Grayson. In the first book, A Single Step, she came to the estate as the groom looking for a new start after suffering a terrible tragedy and eventually she fell in love with Trent, the estate manager. He has had his own issues to deal with in the past and it also turns out that neither he, nor anyone else on the estate are who they initially seemed to be and the mystery surrounding Melton deepens.Emma now finds herself, along with everyone else, in danger and has to rely on others, particularly everyone’s favourite, the irrepressible Carlton, for help. Her relationships, including the one with Trent, grow throughout this book and all the cast from the first story are back but so are some less than welcome characters and Emma needs to use every ounce of strength she has to survive.

Where can readers find out more about you and your writing?

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Where can readers find your book?

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22 thoughts on “The #MysteryNovember Book Tour Day 10 – Georgia Rose @GeorgiaRoseBook #TuesdayBookBlog

  1. I loved your answer to the ‘what do you like about writing in the genre’ question; it’s great fun to put in those subtle clues-that-readers-might-not-realise-are-clues, isn’t it? And have all the threads fall into place, as you say – I always really appreciate that when it happens smoothly.

    I must get to read BTD and TTW ~ I have read such good reports. I thought I might not like them because I have zero interest in anything to do with horses, but the more I read, the more they appeal.


    • Thanks T, I loved putting in clues in ASS and only giving the answers in TtW, not that there is anything that complicated in there 🙂 and there is far less of the horse stuff in the other two.


    • Thanks Gordon, I appreciate that. Although these fall into the romantic suspense genre I am told that it is romance that blokes can read and the second two books in the trilogy particularly have much more of a thriller edge to them. Thanks for commenting 🙂


    • Thanks Carol and no we are not so vary far away from each other! There is such a wide range of ‘mystery’ isn’t there? Basically if you put the smallest question or bit of intrigue in your story it fits. 🙂


  2. I hadn’t thought consciously about it, but I have a clear picture of Melton Manor Estate. I’m not into hoses either, Terry, but they are a useful part of the plot as well as enhancing the characterisation of Grayson.


    • Thanks Liz, I have had to remind myself at times that it is indeed a fictional setting so I’m glad others know what it looks like as well 😉 I’m hoping the horses don’t put too many people off they do feature less in the second and third books.


  3. Georgia, the books sounds great and your answers and the discussion very interesting. I would be inclined to agree that mystery can and does cover a big variety of subgenres and so far I’ve liked most of the ones I’ve read. 🙂


  4. Nice to learn more about you, Georgia. I’m awed by authors who can write thrillers. Pinned and shared your book/post. 🙂


  5. Rosie, thank you so much for a fabulous day. All of your organisation and support is much appreciated and many thanks to everyone for their terrific comments and all the sharing…and on with the rest of the tour!!


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