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Today our guest is Ray Stone and his book Crate of Lies.


Harry Cohen is ‘London Desk’ for the Mossad. The success of a Middle East peace deal he has been part of relies on everyone keeping a big secret for two years but Moscow can’t be trusted. Harry has found a clue to finding the lost Russian Amber Room and keeping Moscow quiet. With the aid of his trusted agent, Raithe Ravelle, he must trace the secret route the room travelled by exposing an arms smuggling ring supplying Arab terrorists. The smugglers are using an ingenious false document and railway route system across Europe, originally devised by SS General Wilheim Rienecke. When Moscow learns of Harry’s plans, ex Stasi agent Heinrich Liebermann is hired to find the room first and eliminate Harry and Raithe. The race is on as the men follow the smugglers rail network from Vladivostok to Moscow and through Minsk, Warsaw, Prague and Berlin. Deadly danger is one step behind them as Harry and Raithe stay one step ahead of Liebermann to recover the stolen arms and rescue the Amber Room. In this chase thriller nothing is what it seems until the final page.

Ray Stone

Where is your home town?

I am an ex pat now living in a small village, Kathikas, up in the hills of Cyprus. It is mainly a wine growing community and my small villa looks out across vineyards and down a valley to the sea. I found my Shangri-La and am very happy here. Moved from Malta a year ago.

What do you like about writing in the mystery genre?

I love plotting and working out multi-layered twists red herrings and conspiracies. My goal is to lead the reader down the wrong path and surprise them when I reveal the solution. My biggest pleasure is creating very nasty villains that make the reader shiver.

What sub-genre of mystery does your book fit?

Most of my stories have a strong political background that explores the sometimes corrupt or weak underbelly of government and scheming security services.

Where is your book set?

Crate of Lies starts its life in the American ambassador’s office in Grosvenor Square, London 2016. As a chase thriller our heroes must uncover a smuggling route originally devised by Nazis during WWII. We follow a train from Vladivostok to Moscow, across Belarus – Poland – Prague – and then Berlin.

Can you introduce us to the main characters?

Harry Cohen is London desk for the Mossad. He is very influential and a no-nonsense Israeli patriot who will do anything to make and preserve peace in the middle-east and that includes getting his hands dirty. Hienrich Liebermann is an ex Stasi officer and a psychopath who loves stalking and killing – for a price. Retired with the falling of the Berlin wall, he now works for a large American corporation of smugglers who deal in arms.

Raithe Ravelle is Harry’s assistant; an ex-con who got involved in a previous escapade and knows too much about Harry and the Mossad for them to let him go. Like it or not, he now works for Harry.

Where can readers find out more about you and your writing?

Twitter – @raystoneauthor

Where can readers find your book?

FREE on Amazon from the 9th to the 13th of November.

CreateSpace eStore:

California Times Publishing have republished Isia’s Secret featured in last years tour in E Kindle, Paperback, and Hard cover. It is also available on audio. There is a promotional video, 30 secs long with a music and sound effects track. I am in the middle of writing the third in the Enda Osin trilogy  Isia’s Secret – Twist of Wire – The Bilderberg Diary.






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    • I wish I visited all the places although I have traveled extensively through Europe. I have never visited Iron Curtain countries. I read volumes on my locations and like to go to great lengths to include small accurate detail such as food description and bus and train routes. I even look at weather patterns for the areas and the populations cultural make-up and historical political background. I think it is important to be as accurate as possible when writing about foreign parts in order to write a believable story.


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