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Death Unscripteddeath Unscripted by M.K. Graff
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Death Unscripted is a Trudy Genova Mystery. It is set in Manhattan, New York. Trudy Genova is a Nurse and her current job is a medical consultant on a TV soap opera film set called ” Thornfield Place”. Trudy must check that any medical matters are authentic on screen.

Her role is behind the scenes, she tries to avoid the actors and actresses who are demanding, but Griff Kennedy is a womaniser and keeps pestering Trudy. When he invades her personal space one lunchtime she dumps pie on his head in a fit of anger. Later that afternoon Trudy must fix Griff up for a hospital bed scene where he will act out a heart attack. With the cameras rolling Griff ad libs, holds his stomach, points a finger at Trudy and then dies rather dramatically.

Detective Ned O’Malley leads the investigation into Griff’s death and Trudy finds herself under suspicion. But her nurses training kicks in and she believes Griff was poisoned. Caught sneaking around looking for evidence and with her finger prints all over a cup Griff drank from Trudy gets herself into more hot water with the police.

It takes a second death and an attack on Trudy before the police agree to let her help them with the investigation. I enjoyed the setting for this mystery, there are quite a lot of characters in this story, but the author gives a list of the cast at the front of the book. Several red herrings to keep you guessing and a hint of a possible romance for Trudy to come in the next book of the series.

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