The #RBRT Reviewer Profiles – Bev Spicer @BevSpice

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Reviewers on the #RBRT are very busy hard working people who give their time freely, so I thought it was about time readers had the chance to meet them and find out a bit more about them.

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Bev Spicer lives in sunny Charente-Maritime, France.

Bev Reviews on her blog:

Bev likes reading literary fiction, and all well-written genre fiction.

For the book review team Bev prefers kindle files sent direct to her email, or mobi.

Interests: astronomy, astro-physics, science, Ted Talks, reading, writing, keeping fit.

Reading Soft edge


I asked, “What new genres have you tried from the review team list?”


I’ve tried speculative short stories, detective fiction, thrillers and historical fiction.

“What genres make you step out of your comfort zone?”

Books which are outside my comfort zone: slushy, sentimental romance.

“What do you look for in a book?”


What do I look for? Strong, realistic characters, not too much back story (prefer dialogue), good plot and pace, great settings. And it’s always good to learn something new.

“Book Styles you don’t enjoy?”


I’m willing to give any style of book a go.

“Do you read & review Non-Fiction?”


I wouldn’t say no to non-fiction, depending on the subject matter.

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  1. Hi Rosie – Bev seems to have the right kind of life … warm and cosy in France – with lots of good books around and then her interests .. astronomy, astro-physics etc and those TED talks – are brilliant .. cheers Hilary


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