The #RBRT Reviewer Profiles – Alison Williams @Alison_Williams

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Reviewers on the #RBRT are very busy hard working people who give their time freely, so I thought it was about time readers had the chance to meet them and find out a bit more about them.

Alison Williams


Alison Williams lives in Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK

Alison posts copies of her reviews here;

Find Alison here;


Twitter: @Alison_WiIliams

Genres Alison enjoys:

Historical fiction

Contemporary fiction

Contemporary women’s fiction

Short stories


When reviewing for the team Alison likes; mobi

Hobbies, interests, and any pets?

Reading(!), writing, going to the gym, travel, music, politics

Reading Soft edge

I asked, “What new genres have you tried from the review team list?”

Children’s fiction, romance, thriller

“What genres make you step out of your comfort zone?”

All of the above!

“What do you look for in a book?”

Character driven – interesting, unusual main characters that I can empathise with, well-researched – particularly if historical, professionally presented – it’s very important to me that an author has taken care over aspects such as grammar and punctuation.

“Book Styles you don’t enjoy?”


Chick lit

“Do you read & review Non-Fiction?”





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  1. Hi Rosie – great idea to let us see your wonderful team … Alison certainly seems to have lots of strings to her bow … cheers Hilary


  2. Thanks Rosie 🙂 BTW forgot to mention my two lovely dogs Daisy and Belle who should be there under hobbies and interests! (at least walking them should be) and Milo the cat who is in charge of everyone. Loving this feature, so nice to ‘meet’ everyone.


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