Angelic Business 1 Pink Matters by Olga Miret @OlgaNM7

Angelic Business 1. Pink MattersAngelic Business 1. Pink Matters by Olga Núñez Miret
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Angelic Business 1 Pink Matters is book #1 in this #YA series involving Angels and Demons. Petra is an ordinary teenager who prefers to be called Pink, she’s not part of the “in” crowd and someone most boys tend to see past. She’d like to mean more to her friend Seth, but he insults her by offering to be a sympathetic date should she ever need one.

Together with her best friends Sylvia and Lorna, Pink hatches a plan to make Seth jealous and it’s more than a coincidence when new boy G turns up at school and refuses to be interested in any of the popular crowd.

Pink can’t quite believe that G has only eyes for her and she’s very doubtful about his intensions. It takes a lot of persuading for Pink to accept his word and even then the goal posts keep moving and she is left angry and confused.

At times the storyline is slowed with repetition of events and conversations. The tale will continue in the next book.

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