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Grimnirs (Grimnirs Book 1) (Runes, #2.5)Grimnirs (Grimnirs Book 1) by Ednah Walters
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Grimnars is part of the Runes series as well as being book 1 in the Grimnirs series. This book is the story of Cora Jemison, best friend of Raine Cooper and Eirik Seville.

Cora finds she can now see ghosts after being marked by a rogue Immortal called Maliina. Cora has recently spent time in a psychiatric hospital, but finds no-one has missed her because unbeknown to her Maliina has been impersonating Cora.

Whilst at the Supermarket with her mother Cora is once again faced by ghosts and is just about to deal with them herself when a hooded figure arrives, clad in leather, a maverick called Echo, Cora meets her first Grimnir or reaper of souls.

Maliina and Echo had previously had a relationship whilst she looked and acted as Cora, this leads to some confusion when Echo misses slight differences in the girls and falls fowl of Valkyrie Torin and Seeress Rain.

Soon Cora finds herself in the middle of a battleground as others see her as a direct line to Odin’s Grandson and Echo will do anything to protect her.

This is a series set around Norse mythology and I really enjoyed the introduction of Echo, his fierce independence and loyalty to Cora was delightful.

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