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Reviewers on the #RBRT are very busy hard working people who give their time freely, so I thought it was about time readers had the chance to meet them and find out a bit more about them.

Olga Day 29


Olga Núñez Miret  lives in South Yorkshire, UK

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Olga’s reading is varied, she enjoys;  Horror, literary fiction, thrillers, adventure, romance with something else (historical romance), chick-lit sometimes, historical fiction…


Book Formats Olga prefers when reviewing for team are;  Mobi or Amazon gift

Hobbies & interests?  At the risk of being boring, books, reading, but also movies, fitness, going for walks, antiques, crocheting…

Reading Soft edge

I asked, “What new genres have you tried from the review team list?” I haven’t been very daring yet, although I’ve discovered I like a challenge sometimes and I’m very intrigued by some of the dystopian YA books being published.

“What genres make you step out of your comfort zone?” I’m not very keen on erotica (although I don’t mind some scenes in a book), and I like some science-fiction but not always if it involves very lengthy descriptions of new worlds, weaponry, etc.


“What do you look for in a book?” I’m definitely a character’s person. I have to believe in the characters or find them interesting (even when they might be despicable). If it’s a good adventure I can go along with a solid plot but I still need some good characters I can connect with at some level. I’ve read some very interesting books that have opened my eyes to new topics and I’m always grateful if I can learn new things that encourage me to find out more. I’m more of a dialogue reader than a long descriptions one, but admire writers who can set up a scene beautifully in a few words.

“Book Styles you don’t enjoy?” I have so many books to read that I prefer something that keeps moving along these days, but I don’t think I have a particular style that I wouldn’t consider, if it gets me hooked.

“Do you read & review Non-Fiction?” Yes, although I have to be in the mood for it and it has to be a topic that either intrigues me or I have a particular interest in. My preference is usually for fiction, but I can’t resist certain things.

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  1. Good to read more about you, Olga; I’m with you on the ‘character’ thing – and glad you said ‘even if they’re despicable’. I love reading a good baddie, or just a really selfish person… fun to write, too!


    • I do, too! I’ve made mine very explicit (I don’t mean erotica type explicit, ha ha!), Mrs Picky!!! This is such a good idea of Our Leader’s, to do this. 🙂


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