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Luccia chose to read and review Through The Riptide by Bert Murray


Through the Riptide by Luccia Gray

A pleasant and well-written summer read

After fighting off an attack and escaping a sexual assault with the help of her friend / neighbour and his dog, Lindsey decides to leave Manhattan for a time to recover emotionally. Her ambitious and self-absorbed ex-boyfriend, Karl, offers her a job and a change of scene in the Hamptons, and although her mother warns her of the dangers of going back instead of moving forward, she accepts Karl’s offer.

The setting moves from bustling New York to the idyllic Hamptons with its wonderful beaches and exclusive restaurants and lifestyle. While Lindsey is there, she encounters some charming and other dangerous characters, among them, a quiet stranger she meets on a bus. They will all help her on her way to a partial recovery from trauma, and make her stay at the Hamptons unforgettable.

The plot moves forward neatly, gradually unravelling secrets, lies and criminal acts, leading to a satisfying ending. Lindsey does finally manage to find a way of moving forward emotionally and professionally, ironically by following her mother’s advice, which she ignored at the beginning of the novel. Mothers are so wise! Finally it looks like love could win the game, and each character is dished out what he or she deserves!

I didn’t realise there was a previous novel where some of the characters were introduced until I finished reading Through the Riptide, so it could be read as a stand-alone. There are hints of a back-story involving Karl, Jasmine and Colin, which isn’t told in any detail, but I could imagine many things which had happened twenty years ago, were disclosed in book 1, which should probably be read to get the complete picture.

It was a pleasant and well-written summer read, with interesting characters and a sound plot.

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