Derek Takes Action by Mac Black #Bookreview

DerekDerek Takes Action by Mac Black
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Derek Takes Action is the fifth and final book in the “Derek” series about Derek Toozlethwaite and his humorous almost “slapstick” adventures in life. Once again Derek’s wife Sally walks out on him due to a misunderstanding. She heads back to her parent’s house with ET, and the dog.

Derek begins the book in a London police cell, but is soon released and heading back home on the train. Here he is the victim of a theft and ends up in a tangle of lost property and secret files.

Derek believes he has found papers about a Government proposal to build a Hi-Speed rail line through Newingsworth and Slatterfoot areas where he lives. He heads up a protest group who increase their daring newsworthy actions each week.

This book is filled with confusion and mayhem as characters fall over themselves creating the chaos which is Derek’s life.

This review is based on a free copy of the book given to me by the author.

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