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The New Mrs DThe New Mrs D by Heather Hill
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The New Mrs D is a humorous tale set in Greece. Bernice Dando is on her honeymoon, but is disappointed when her marriage hasn’t yet been consummated and when she discovers her husband hasn’t given up his porn addiction, she send him packing. This isn’t a new discovery for her, they’ve been together for a number of years and she’s tried to help him deal with this. In fact she should have gone into the marriage with open eyes, she just falsely imagined she would be the one to cure and change him.

Bernice decides to take hold of her own destiny in a Shirley Valentine moment and stay in Greece finding adventure amongst new friends and nude karaoke whilst updating her facebook page for the benefit of those back home. But when the honeymoon holiday comes to an end will she take Mr D back or continue with her new found life?

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