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Daniel Jones DoomDaniel Jones Doom by Mark King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Daniel Jones Doom is the second book in the Daniels Jones series which fits the YA/ dystopia genre. Daniel lived with his family in a very primitive society, ruled by a set of procedures and the Over-Seers who are saviours of humanity. Village elders look forward to their Day of Achievement on the turn of their 40th birthdays as a reward for all their hard work in life.

All this changed for Daniel when he found out what really happens to people once they enter the Achievement Centres and forced him to flee. Doom continues the story from book 1. Daniel now travels with Mary and Gwendolyn, two other outcasts who know the truth about the Over-seers, but they are constantly afraid of capture by the ruthless Hunters.

They find Jack, a boy left alone after his parents were taken. He has access to technology never seen by Daniel and together they form a plan to return to Daniel’s village and tell his father the truth before he reaches his Achievement Day and it is too late.

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