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The Man I LoveThe Man I Love by Suanne Laqueur
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The Man I love would fit into the New Adult genre is it the story of youth, love, romance, tragedy and personal growth into adulthood. It is all that and much more and I expect each reader would get something different from the book.

Erik Fiskare’s father left home when he was small and never once made contact with his son, he left a hole in Erik’s life which Erik strove hard to shut. We meet Erik as he begins college life, he steps into the world of theatre and ballet as part of the back stage technical teams, being a part of the lighting, and scenery.

The moment he looks into the eyes of dancer Daisy Bianco something shifts in Erik’s soul, a meeting of like minds. Daisy is calm in the chaos and is a focused dancer. They begin a relationship which is youthful and passionate. They have a close knit group of friends and they thrive on the creativity which the group produces.

On stage Daisy dances with Will in perfect union, off stage her dance is with Erik. New boy James joins college and filters into the group, he is erratic and falls in love with Will. All their lives are thrown off kilter when a violent gun shooting in the theatre, puts Daisy and Will in hospital and Erik became the hero who faced down the gun barrel and walked away. But the aftermath was devastating.

The group spiralled down in depression, they turned to drugs and went to lengths to create pain to block out the nightmares. A mis-carriage , a betrayal and Erik shuts down and walks away for twelve years. Even distancing himself didn’t stop the nightmares and only counselling stopped him ending it all.

This book worked because it was written from the more unusual male POV, the beginning scene setting was factual and telling, but I later understood this as being a way a man would see things. It’s only later as Erik opens to Daisy that his emotions open and we are taken on his journey every step of the way. I’m a mother and it was very hard to read in places, when children are suffering. The shooting, too common an incident today, was haunting as was the pain they all went through for years after the event. A extremely emotional and soul bearing book.

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    I couldn’t tell what the cover was so, reading, Terry’s comment, I went to look on Amazon. And yes, it’s a beautiful cover – and I might have even bought a paperback just to see it on my book shelves. Think I’d need to be having a very upbeat dasy to read this though. Sounds very dark. Excellent review!


  2. Brilliant review – I think anyone who has a troubled young person in their family should read this. Young people don’t always show or can share their pain. Sometimes not until it’s too late.


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