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Promise My Love: A Braden Novella (Love in Bloom, The Bradens)Promise My Love: A Braden Novella by Melissa Foster
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Promise My Love is a short novella and part of The Bradens series of romances. Rex Braden lives in Trusty, Colorado, a handsome, bear of a man, but one who turns to putty in the hands of fiancé Jade Johnson.

Jade is a local vet and has loved Rex for 15 years. She can’t wait for her wedding to take place and the weeks running up to the final day have been very busy. Two things are about to rock her boat, she discovers she has lost her half of a precious necklace called “Dance of Two Loves”, one she shares with Rex, she fears it is a bad omen especially when she gets a phone call to say her Dad has just had a heart attack.

Jade’s emotions are all over the place, she doesn’t want to postpone her wedding, yet she also wants her Dad to walk her down the aisle. Rex is also struggling to do the right thing, he feels they should postpone the wedding. On top of this Hope, his mother’s horse is off colour. This horse is his father’s life-line to their mother and if anything happens to Hope, their world will be in danger of collapse.

Fans of The Bradens will enjoy this book, it is full of love, weddings and family devotions.

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