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Karen chose to read and review Pluviophile by Aarohi Brar


My Opinion

This book introduces you to Juliet, recently widowed who used to be a confessing pluviophile. She meets Derek who stirs some feelings.

With Pluviophile, Aarohi Brar has woven a romantic story of love lost and found including some steamy scenes. Juliet has lost the love of her life, Derek is not proud of something that happened in the past; when they meet, they are drawn to each other. They tell the story alternately – the paragraphs shown in italics are about Max, Juliet’s husband. I had to get used to Juliet and Derek taking turns; the characters are of sufficient depth, there is a certain amount of dialogue, the story is adequately slow-paced. Pluviophile is a story I could well imagine to see on stage. This is for you if you like romance with steamy actions and some nice twists.

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