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Our guest today is Sam Cheever with her book Slow Burner which is part of Into The Flames multi-author box-set


Where is your home town?


I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which is in the North eastern corner of the state. I’ll always be a Midwestern girl at heart, with a strong work ethic and a focus on the importance of family at my core. You’ll also find those values in the characters I write.


How long have you been writing romance?


My first romantic paranormal was published in 2007. Before that I wrote mysteries and dabbled in suspense.


What is your favourite sub-genre of romance?


Mystery, romantic suspense. Although I’ve recently fallen in love with sci fi/apocalyptic romance.


Where is your book set?


Slow Burner is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. I set most of my stories in Indiana because nobody else will! LOL Seriously though, Indiana has a lot more going for it than people who aren’t from the Midwest realize. We have beautiful rolling hills, cool caves, lots of state parks and wineries!!! *grin* I use all of these fun, beautiful features in my stories and it’s great to share my world with readers.


Tell us about Duncan


Duncan is a good man with a past that continues to haunt him. He was caught in a fire of suspicious origin when he was a kid and still has nightmares about it. Despite his fears, or maybe because of them, he became a firefighter and served for years in that dangerous profession. He eventually left that life behind to become a fire investigator and, in Slow Burner, he begins to realize that somebody with a grudge against him is setting fires and marking them in a way that only he will recognize. The Artist, as the arsonist refers to himself, appears to want Duncan discredited and ostracized before taking him completely down. But Duncan is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and find the Artist. It all comes to a head when Duncan is reacquainted with an old childhood sweetheart at the scene of one of the Artist’s masterpieces. When the two of them start to rediscover the feelings they once had for each other, the arsonist’s antagonistic rage seems to transfer to Hilda and Duncan suddenly finds himself racing time and a mad man’s evil purpose to save her.


Introduce us to Hilda?


The manager of a successful restaurant in downtown Indianapolis, Hilda has been in love with Duncan since she was too young to know what that meant. Coming from a bad family situation, she cherished his kindness, as well as his strength and willingness to let her tag along when they were kids. But when Duncan was forced to leave her behind, Hilda thought she’d never see him again. Imagine her surprise when he strolls up to her at the scene of a fire, where her house is ablaze. Hilda is torn between her remembered feelings and deep guilt over the reason he had to leave over a decade earlier. She tries to fight her feelings for him but, as someone who calls himself the Artist begins to set every part of her life ablaze…literally…she is forced to work with Duncan to find the arsonist before he kills again.


What has drawn them back together?


The killer arsonist Duncan has been tracking targets Hilda and the two must work together to figure out who he is.


There is a danger lurking can you tell us about “The Artwork”?


The Artist’s pallet is fire. He sees his art as being a purifier and equalizer for perceived wrongs he’s suffered in the past. The arsonist has carried his hate of Duncan in his heart for over a decade, since Duncan was just a kid trying to make the best of a difficult situation, and he won’t rest until Duncan has suffered the same kind of pain the Artist believes he’s suffered himself. Unfortunately for Hilda, he seems to have decided she’s the best way to exact his revenge on Duncan.


Tell us what you are working on at the moment.


I’m currently writing Yesterday’s Ghosts, which is book 3 in my cozy historical paranormal mystery series entitled, Yesterday’s Mysteries.


Where can readers find out more about you?

Sam Cheever


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  1. Hi, Sam. Your novel about fires sounds chilling, but the guy on the cover is hot! I like the more unusual names you chose for your characters. I’m originally from Illinois, and I have family in Indiana. Indianapolis is a great place to set a book. Will follow you on social media. Have shared and pinned Rosie’s post.


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