Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT WildFlower Crown by Charlotte Cyprus #bookreview

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Karen chose to read and review Wildflower by Charlotte Cyprus


My Opinion

This book introduces you to Wild; she and her dog Flower reside in a cave until a hurt man crosses her path. She heals his wounds and decides to follow him.

With Wildflower Crown, Charlotte Cyprus has woven an entertaining story about a young woman and her perception of the world. Having to step in for a princess can be immensely boring; at least her personal guard Daivat could satisfy her sensual cravings. The story comprises a broad variety of characters with sufficient depth and interesting turns. I had a real good time reading Wildflower Crown – it is a pretty entertaining read. I was drawn into the story right after the prologue, keeping in the background – sometimes laughing, sometimes rolling my eyes (you’ll understand what I mean after ‘meeting’ Wild yourself). Please note that (for me) chapter 11 meant an unanticipated change of pace. This is for you if you like adventurous young women, a good measure of sensual cravings and fantasy.

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