#RomancingSeptember Day 21 The Burning by @del_connor

Welcome to Day 21 of #RomancingSeptember

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Today our guest is Della Connor and her book The Burning

The Burning - D.E.L. Connor

The Burning – D.E.L. Connor

Where is your home town?

I live in Lufkin, Texas, affectionately known as being “behind the pine curtain.” This area of Texas has huge towering pine trees, gets lots of rain, and an occasional hurricane! Remind me again why I live here! Ha Ha. Really, it is a quiet, picturesque town with some of the best people you would ever like to meet. I was raised in Eastern Montana where the cattle outnumber the people!

How long have you been writing romance?

I started writing romance about two years ago. I have loved romance stories for many years. My grandmother read Harlequin romance books and when she was done, she gave them to me by the sack full. My mother was appalled and called them trashy, smutty books! I was a teenager then and excited at the prospect of reading a trashy book. I quickly learned that Harlequin romances were the least trashy of all, but I never told my mother that!

What is your favourite sub-genre of romance?

My favourite sub-genre of romance would be young adult or new adult. I like the innocence of first love and everything that goes with it. First love is felt so acutely and passionately, and remembered forever.

Tell us about your Spirit Warriors series

Spirit Warriors is a YA fantasy series about five friends, who by no coincidence, are brought together to fight an evil spirit who has plagued a Native American tribe for centuries. Emme, who narrates the story, has a battle within her heart. Will it be Charlie, her first forbidden love, or Jack, who sets her blood on fire? It’s a story of the power of friendship, and love, even in the midst of loss.

What special talents do the teenagers in this book have?

Cool ones! They can shift their spirits into their chosen animals. Charlie into Hercules the Grizzly bear, Emme into Eros the osprey, Bets into Electra the mountain lion, Ollie into Zephyr the coyote, and Lilly into Arion, the wild mustang horse.

Who or what are they fighting?

They are fighting the machayiwiw. He is an evil spirit that has plagued Charlie’s tribe for centuries, exacting revenge for something that happened hundreds of years ago.

The romance is a sweet love triangle tell us about the characters involved.

Emme, the narrator, grew up with Charlie. He is her protector, having left his tribe at a young age to be with her. Charlie is her first love, but the Spirit Warriors who guide Charlie have told him in no uncertain terms that Emme is not his true love. So, is it Jack? He is Charlie’s best friend, who moved back to the family ranch from Australia. Emme feels protected and loved with Charlie, but she can’t deny the spark of fire between her and Jack. Book 3, The Burning finally answers the question! Teaser alert! Book 4, The Lamenting has a huge wedding in it!

Are there any other romantic attachments running through your series?

The other friends, Ollie and Bets also have love interests. Ollie comes out to his friends about his sexual orientation and he has a boyfriend, Raymond. In The Burning, they work to stay together as high school ends and college looms. Bets has a boyfriend, Joe, who none of the other friends like. In fact, Emme, threatens to kill him if he ever hurts Bets!

Tell us what you are working on at the moment.

Too many things! Book 4 in the Spirit Warrior Series, The Lamenting is in editing, and I have started on the final book, The Ensouling. I am writing a couple of romance stories that I am working on when I get creative burn out! They probably won’t be out until I finish the Spirit Warriors series.

Where can readers find out more about you?

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Just about anywhere. I have social media covered! Here are the links.







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  1. Hi, Della. Sounds like you live in a beautiful place in Texas, despite the rain. I live in Colorado, which has a semi-arid climate. Pine trees carpet the mountains, where most of the snow falls.

    Your YA fantasy series looks amazing! The gorgeous book cover captures the essence of your story. Will follow you on social media and share Rosie’s blog post. Pleased to meet you through the Romancing September book tour.


    • Linda,
      I’m jealous. I love Colorado. It reminds me of Montana in a lot of ways. I’m just not sure if I could handle the winters again! lol
      Thank you for the kind words and I will follow you as well! 🙂


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