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Suraya chose to read and review Through The Riptide by Bert Murray


Through the Riptide

By Bert Murray

It is a difficult thing to write convincingly from the perspective of the opposite gender yet Bert Murray appears to do this with ease when he tells Lindsey’s story in the first person.

The novel successfully stands on its own although it is part two of a series.

An assailant attacks Lindsey and in a bid to regain her equilibrium, she leaves town and re-establishes contact with a former boyfriend, Karl by working for him in his event management company. Throughout, she questions whether she should re-establish their affair.

His success and high-flying lifestyle has a lot going for it and there is safety in the familiar.

Her mother sums Lindsey up in the following way, “…Karl is a passing enthusiasm, – you’re prone to them. Like the salamanders you found with your Aunt Paula…”

Although it appears to be a passing comment, the Salamanders play a part in the plot. We discover this when Karl finally confesses to Lindsey what really lies behind all that success that so dazzles her. Also find out who the shadowy phantom-like figure AK really is.

This is one example of how this story is neatly packaged. The attack that opens the story and leads to Lindsey re-establishing contact with Karl is loosely linked to the events that make Lindsey realise that things are not always as they seem and nor are people.

In the Lindsey realises her mistake, meets Colin who is less exciting but more reliable, and discovers that the story all began with the loss of a parcel of land to conservationists wanting to protect the rare salamanders that lived on it.

The chapter of the washed up dead whale is fabulous.

It is a pleasant read with great attention to detail and characterisation. The storytelling was tight and compelling with wonderful surprises at the end.

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