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Our guest today is Nicky Wells with her book 7 Years Bad Sex

 Years Bad Sex by Nicky Wells

Years Bad Sex by Nicky Wells

Where is your home town?

I currently live in Lincoln in the UK. Technically, my home town is Essen in Germany.

How long have you been writing romance?

I started writing ‘in earnest’ in 2004, while I was pregnant with my first child.

What is your favourite sub-genre of romance?

Don’t have one—I’m a complete sucker for romance and will read everything, from chick lit to historical to paranormal. Although I do love my rock star heroes…. *winks*

Where is your book set?

Like most of my books, 7 Years Bad Sex sees my characters travel a fair bit. They start out in St Tropez in France before returning to their main base in London. They also go to Brighton and Cornwall, and eventually conclude their story in Paris…

What gave you the idea for this book?

A dinner party, of all things! I was at an awards dinner for romance authors, and I found myself at a very merry table indeed. Evidently we toasted all the nominees and winners, and somewhere along the line, my seating partner to the left informed me that I was bound to suffer seven years bad sex on account of not having looked him in the eye while toasting. Obviously I laughed: I’m not superstitious! Plus I’d never heard of this particular superstition, but I was intrigued. And while he was telling me more about it, the story popped in my head. What if… you took a couple on their honeymoon and have them commit this toasting mishap? How would they cope? What would they do? The opportunity for endless mishaps and comedy moments seemed endless, but also included some deeper reflections. Just how important is the physical side of a relationship?

And thus 7 Years Bad Sex was conceived.

Introduce us to the characters.

Meet Alex and Casey, first of all—the two characters who tell the story. In her mid-twenties, Casey has long luscious coppery hair and emerald green eyes that hold a never-ending fascination for Alex. She is the main vocalist for rock band Blue Heart, and she wrestled her way into the band (and Alex’s heart) one night when she climbed on stage and booted the hapless previous vocalist off stage. She loves pizza and anything cooked in garlic and chilli. Oh, and she’s very partial indeed to a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

Alex is a little older than Casey. He is the main brain behind Blue Heart, and he’s also their drummer. He is tall, stocky, good looking in a broody kind of way with blue eyes and long, dark, curly hair. He is happy to play the part of the tough rocker, but actually he’s a real softie. He oozes confidence, but this predicament that has befallen Casey and him is eating away at his substance. How is it possible that a man in his prime cannot finish the job?


Is there an event or incident which begins the run of bad luck?

There certainly is. Read it right here:

“Casey didn’t reply. She was too busy making sense of the surprise in the sky.

Congratulations Casey and Alex, the plane’s banner proclaimed with bold red lettering on a white background. Casey’s heart thumped with excitement as the pilot launched into a loop-the-loop, then turned on his smoke trail and created a perfect love heart against the bright blue canvas of the cloudless sky.

Casey took another sip of her champagne. ‘Oh wow,’ she whispered. ‘This is so beautiful.’

‘Isn’t it just?’ Alex concurred. ‘I’ve never seen anything like it.’

‘Me neither. Sasha must have organised it. We must thank her properly later.’

Casey snuggled into her husband’s embrace as deeply as was possible whilst they were both sitting on separate chairs, and her eyes remained trained on the sky. She sensed more than she saw that Alex was taking a drink from his glass, and she leaned her head against his shoulder.

‘To us,’ she whispered.

‘To us,’ he replied.

For the briefest moment, the earth seemed to shake, and there was a deep, growling sound like thunder from within the sea. Casey grabbed on tight to Alex. She shook her head as if to clear a sudden fog.”

Tell us some of the ways the couple try to deal with it.

Where to start? First up, they go into denial and pretend that they don’t have a problem at all. That strategy fails spectacularly. So after that, they try just about everything: food with aphrodisiac properties that has devastating effects on Alex’s digestive system; kinky clothes that bring out Casey in a totally unsexy all-over body rash; sex toys that have them laughing so hard, they end up playing bowling with them; and eventually, sex therapy. Hold on! Don’t run away! That’s not what it sounds! Trust me… and read the book to find out what sex therapy is truly all about. *Nicky winks*

Tell us what you are working on at the moment.

Painting my house! LOL, not my house, exactly, but most of the rooms in it. After four years and seven novels, I am taking a small breather. I have three books vying for attention in my head—all romance, some involving rock stars, others more on the paranormal side of the spectrum—and I need a moment to figure out where I’m going to go next. I have a feeling I’m going to end up writing all three of them before I can make a decision about where I’m going to head next…

Where can readers find out more about you?

Nicky Wells

I blog at nickywells.com, and I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. Over the next few months, I might be around a little less than normal but that’s only while I’m painting, plotting, and planning. Come on over and say hi at any rate, I always respond and I love to chat!

Join Nicky: Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Romantic Novelists’ Association | Sapphire Star Publishing | Amazon | Goodreads | Pinterest | Google+

Nicky’s books: Sophie’s Turn | Sophie’s Run | Sophie’s Encore | Spirits of Christmas

| Fallen for Rock | Fairy Tale in New York

***NEW: 7 Years Bad Sex***

Find out more about Nicky and her writing in just a few hours from Stephanie here http://stephanie-hurt.com/


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    • Do you know, I’ve not toasted since without making sure I make eye contact? And I’m not even superstitious! Hope you enjoy 7 Years if you get a chance to check it out. It’s only 99p on Kindle at the moment… *hints* *winks* XX


    • Ooh I love being a hoot! Being German (and therefore allegedly blighted with no sense of humour) I take that as a huge compliment. I hope you get a chance to check this out and tell me whether it did make you laugh, Margaret. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 🙂


  2. Hi Rosie, thanks so much for inviting me to take part once again in your Romance around the World tour this September. It’s a thrill and an honour to be here today, and I simply adore the lovely discussion you got going here. Awesomeness! 😀


    • Hi Annabelle, what a lovely enthusiastic comment! Thanks for visiting. 🙂 Pssst… 7 Years Bad Sex is only 99p at the moment, just in case you, you know, want to move it onto your Kindle. *winks* Happy reading if you do get a chance, and I hope you enjoy. x


    • Awww Adrienne, thanks so much, that means the world! 🙂 Happy reading if you do get a chance to pick it up. *whispers* it’s a bargain at the moment, LOL! x Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.


    • OMG you and me both! Once the realisation sank in it was like… gulp! That explains a lot. Just kidding! I’m not actually that superstitious but it’s still intriguing. Happy reading if you pick up a copy, and do let me know what you think… 🙂 X

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    • Hi Linda, thank you so very much for you wonderful comment, it’s great to meet you. I’ll look out for you on social media! Happy reading when you get round to 7 Years Bad Sex, I’d love to hear what you think. 🙂 And be careful when you toast…. LOL!


    • Hi Monica! You got that right because while it’s fun and light-hearted, it’s actually also posing a little bit of a deeper question… how important is the physical side of love in a relationship, especially if it’s absolutely, categorically, not working for no particular reason at all? Then again, they do get up to all sorts of mischief trying to fix their dilemma. Enjoy their antics if you get an opportunity to dive in! X

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  4. Wow, this sounds so exciting Nicky! (Sorry belated response, just catching up with all these fab books.) I love the idea of the superstition, and the characters sound perfect to explore all those issues … I sense fireworks! 😉 Remember you still need to come and drink tea with me in my summerhouse xxx


    • *waves frantically* Why hello Joanne, long time no speak! It’s been sooooo busy, LOL. I haven’t forgotten our tea date–we’ll have to fix a date! Thanks so much for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment. 🙂 Hope to see you sometime soon. That tea is really calling to me!


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