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Georgia chose to read and review One Way Fare by Barb Taub


One Way Fare by Barb Taub and Hannah Taub

I have enjoyed Barb Taub’s writing for a while now both through her other two books, Don’t Touch and Tales From Null City, which introduced me to Urban Fantasy, and on her blog at Here I guarantee she will raise at the very least a smile or two if not have you laughing out loud. I have been meaning to get to One Way Fare, written with her daughter Hannah, for a while now and here is my review.

When Gaby Parker goes to sort out the accounting anomalies for Luic little does either of them know that they are being brought together for a much higher purpose. Gaby is a Harmonia, she loves order, sees patterns and has responsibilities in the form of her younger brother and sister as their parents are dead. Luic is a rock star, I imagined something along the lines of Steve Tyler! But so strong are Gaby’s gifts that she says of Luic, “Sure he was pretty – but this was accounting.’ Brilliant!

Leila Rice, adopted, inherits a chateau where she meets Thomas, both are Nephilim and with much reluctance Thomas has been matched with her as her Protector.

At the beginning of this book we see the stories of both Gaby and Leila told in alternate chapters. As more and more connections are made eventually their stories become one as they find they are being brought together as the catalysts for the founding and survival of Null City. Wars are being waged between Heaven and Hell, Haven and Gifts and with very few clues Gaby and Leila have to do something about saving Null City, the place of safety for all with special powers. Although go there and you have to give up those powers and live a normal life.

This is a complex fantastical tale that spins back and forth through time as Gaby and Leila try to find each other and the answers to the reasons why they need to.

There are many surprises along the way, the reveal of Leila’s father to name by one and plenty of moments that will bring you a smile and have you chuckling throughout the tale. I loved the term ‘Celestially disabled’ in particular and the name of Leila’s coffee shop – priceless! And no I’m not giving that away here…

Highly creative and very well written this book is filled with thoroughly likeable characters, both good and evil. There are strong women and gallant hero’s, romance, true love and sadly, but beautifully done, the heartbreaking parting of people I didn’t want to part.

Some of the best bits for me were the wonderful links that connected throughout the story even right back to the Authors Note at the front. I love it when that amount of attention to detail has been given to a book. Originally told and tightly written this is a highly entertaining start to a series of fantasy books that are a joy to read.

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