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The Scent of LavenderThe Scent of Lavender by Margot S. Baumann

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Scent Of Lavender is a romantic suspense. I read a paperback copy translated into English by Alison Layland. I thought the translation was very well done.

The book opens with Saskia Wagner arriving in a small town in Provence, France from her home in Switzerland. Currently an out of work journalist, and nursing a broken heart, she has applied to meet and greet guests at a local vineyard.

Jean-Luc Rougeon and his family own the vineyard in this breath-taking part of France. As the story unfolds we discover that the family are at odds with Philippe Arnaud the president of the wine-growers association. More importantly he is the brother of Jean-Luc’s late wife and he hasn’t yet got over her death.

Saskia finds more than one person reacts strangely to her and as the book evolves the reader is told of her disturbing likeness to Jean-Luc’s wife.

For me the balance of attention between main characters and minor ones wasn’t right, there were too many characters given unnecessary parts while the main characters were only lightly developed. I did not hear enough of their individualities to keep their voices separate in my head, nor get dramatic pictures of them in my mind. The storyline follows a light romance with a sinister side which had lots of potential to push boundaries of early traditional romance. To compete in the saturated romantic genre I think the book needed more of an impact to grab me as a reader and keep me turning the pages.

This review is based on a free copy of the book given to me by the author via Alison Layland.

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