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Amanda has been reading and reviewing Just Like Rebecca by Tilly Tennant for Brook Cottage Books


This is the second book of a four part series set in Millrise

This book was such a lovely read i really did enjoy it can be read as a standalone book i totally enjoyed Tilly writing style it very unique and so warm she write with such love ,fun and humour it shines out at you as you read your be pull into this wonderful story you just want to know more about them all they will soon become your friends i could relate to them all i want to hear more about them
This is book two in this four part novella it great for a break in work as only 92 pages you will be so effortlessly pull into the plot

Again Jack and Phoebe relationship is being tested they have a few up and down just most couples do what do the parents think ?
I still loved Mia jack daughter she so cute such a warm character

Phoebe was a lovely character so full of life i loved her .
Her best friend was Midnight i felt both were so different to each other but there friendship was so lovely and what fun they had together in the toy shop but was the shop having a few problems csn tbey save the day it will make you smile both just wonderful characters
Phoebe has been promotion at the toy shop she hope now her and Jack and his daughter Maria can have a better life for them self things seem to be going well i enjoy reading about this family group their relationship was going well but soon things were not going so well will thing turn out better soon

Jack brother show up in the last book things were not going so well in this book we do get to see why was jack now acting a bit different i felt a few things were not right and a bit of tensions was starting to show they were falling out all the time secrets were being keep i loved reading all about it i felt it was told with such a passion what was his brother up to he is still causing problems and now he living with them oh what fun they had I did not warm to their mum did you ?
You have to read to see what he up to i did also think he was putting pressure on jack and Phoebe relationship I did feel Phoebe was living in jack wife Shadow did you ?

Tilly wrote with such feeling and passion for all the characters life and story’s you will become hooked just like i was on this wonderful series i can not wait for the next book i hooked i not going to tell more about story as i want to enjoy for your self i sure you will it a lovely tale with lots of twists

I like to thank Brooks cottage tours for letting me read and review as part of Roise Book Review Team too.

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