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Relentless (Relentless, #1)Relentless by Karen Lynch

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This book made my reading list from a #FridayFiveChallenge.

Relentless is a YA paranormal fantasy and the first book in a series. It is primarily set in the small coastal town of New Hastings not too far from Portland in Maine, USA

Seventeen year old Sara Grey was orphaned ten years ago when her Dad was killed by a vampire. With a mother who left when she was just a small child, Sara is taken in by her wheelchair bound Uncle. She’s independent and quite a loner, she has no girlfriends, but several boys who are friends.

What she does have is plenty of friends who are animals and others who are from the supernatural world. One of her best friends is Remy a troll. We meet him when together they help save the life of a new born. Sara has healing abilities, but she is also aware of a beast-like creature which lies dormant within her.

School-friends Pete and Roland persuade Sara to go out and see a band with them in a club in Portland, that night she meets some very attractive men and in an ally later she has her first close encounter with vampires, werewolves and a hunter called a Mohiri.

Life for Sara and her friends changes that night as more than one person has an interest in her. But strong-willed and with her own agenda Sara is no push-over as danger is never far away and a prediction from a powerful African witch helps answer many questions.

I like immersing myself in YA paranormal fantasy and I’m glad this book took on it’s own storyline after the introduction of the popular vampire and werewolf storylines. The inclusion of many other supernatural creatures was a delight and I felt they all worked well together.

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