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Amanda has been reading The Rest Of My Life  by Sheryl Browne for Brook Cottage Books


what I say

The rest of my life
Wow what can i say about this book

I love the cover it makes me want to pick up to read it seem to a young girl deep in thought I wanted to get into her mind did I ?

i loved it a must read book it so gripping i needed to know what was going to happen next
The way sheryl writes is so unique all her characters are so full of life they seem real to me i like all the dept they had you could relate to them you get see other sides to them
The story just flows so effortlessly along pulling you into the story it soon become a page tuner i was hooked i read in two days it got just the right amount of humour and cheeky ness some part are quite sexy wow the chemistry between Adam and Sienna it so powerful it jumps out the page at you

Sienna a lovely girl she seem very innocent to me or was she ? What did you think ? She was so independent she liked to be herself and she likes to make up her own mind About things i warm to her i loved her relationship with her dad he was such a wonderful parent you will like him i did

Adam she cool he loves the women he been hurt in the past and did not want this to happen again i felt for him he was such a lovely guy i did feel he life was not as cool as he made out at times
The relationship between him and sienna was so steamy you be hooked to see what going on it may make you blush in places but it also got a few sad moments too the whole story just so beautiful to read it fun sexy and romantic you will feel for them at times but then your be laugh at them too
Adam just a heartthrob who you will love this book take you on their life journey it a page turner you do get to side lots of different sides to them i like that we see a very vulnerable side to it helps you to relate to them you will feel for them a lovely read
A must read book I recommend you all read one of Sheryl’s best

i not telling you the plot as i want you to read you will love it
I like to thank Brooks cottage tour for letting me read and review as part of Roise book review team

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