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Cathy chose to read and review Full Circle by Terry Tyler

aa me 5

Full Circle is the follow-up to Dream On, and we catch up with the gang a couple of years later. Ariel is back in London after a stint on the cruise ships and an unsuccessful attempt at stardom in the US. Theodore Purlmutter, who Ariel met on board one of the cruise liners,  believed he could make her a star but died suddenly leaving Ariel at the mercy of his two sons, who are now in charge of their father’s record company. Trying to kick-start her life, she finds her creativity is non-existent and motivation escapes her.

Dave is trying to make his relationship with Isabel work, for the sake of their baby daughter. Isabel, insecure and jealous, is not endearing and her relationship is suffering. Dave is trying desperately to get in touch with Shane, who is avoiding him. The reason and repercussions are totally unexpected and a great twist to the story line. On the up side, the band is doing well and Dave couldn’t be more pleased and proud.

Janice and Max are very happily married until Max has a total relapse and Janice’s love for him is stretched to it’s limit. The distressing reality and effects of alcoholism on family and friends are dealt with convincingly and sympathetically.

Melodie, the wannabe celebrity, is married to a rich property developer with a lavish lifestyle…and is bored. After her very brief time enjoying the highlife, an unfortunate video posted on the internet by an ex lover put paid to any aspirations she might still have held. Getting together with Ariel again is good for both of them.

All these storylines are woven together brilliantly. There are misunderstandings, new and sometimes mysterious characters and at the heart of it all are the relationships, especially the question will Dave and Ariel ever get together since it’s obvious they still love each other. The choices they have to make are never easy and I enjoyed very much how each of the characters evolve, being drawn further into their lives. The hopes, emotions and feelings, captured perfectly, are all relatable.

The strong and passionate characters are people you know, have seen or heard of, they’re so realistic with all the attitudes and defining attributes you would expect. I love the way Terry Tyler is able to write representationally from the perspectives of both men and women and her observations are spot on. The banter between the band members is just one example.

The writing is, as always, skilful and a pleasure to read. Emotions and issues are managed thoughtfully and with insight. And the conclusion is satisfyingly perfect.

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