Wednesday Wing….Tweeting “Thank-You” Maximising the message #wwwblogs

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Today I’m passing on a tip about maximising the “Thank You” message.

This post is bound to cause controversy!

Let me ask you a question….when you see a tweet about your blog post or book or product do you thank the tweeter in a separate tweet or think “Great! Here is an opportunity for marketing”?

When another person sends you a “Thanks for sharing” tweet how does it make you feel? Appreciated? Do you reply?

When your twitter feed is filled by “Thanks for sharing” tweets, what is your attention span for them? I see these as wasted Tweets, “Nice” but fairly ineffectual.

Now let’s look at this again

Thanking people is GREAT we all like to feel appreciated BUT how about these options….(keep thinking about all your marketing potentials)

First there is the new Twitter feature which asks if you want to “Add a comment” of your own before retweeting – why not USE this to make sure there is a link for other readers back to your blog post/review/book/article.

Or send your “Thanks for sharing” with a little more like thanks for sharing your review of my book and add a link to the book on Amazon or the review post.

Or thank the tweeter this way; go to their twitter page, perhaps follow them and then share a different tweet from their list.

I always the re-tweet and click the favourite button to show that I appreciate someone’s tweet on my behalf, but I rarely write empty “Thank you” tweets.

Did you know that if you add a dot before the @ (.@) when using a tweeter’s name other readers can eavesdrop on your conversation and may find it interesting. This is also useful when “Thanking” others and using your tweet to fuller potential.

So what do you do to thank people?

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20 thoughts on “Wednesday Wing….Tweeting “Thank-You” Maximising the message #wwwblogs

  1. Riiiight – here are my views!

    Ah – I think when people say ‘thanks for sharing the review of my book’ with yet another link that it’s maybe a bit pushy. I agree, ‘thanks for RT’ tweets are nice but a pain if you get too many.

    I know the people who share (by ‘share’ I mean tweet them, not just an RT) my posts regularly; we take the ‘thanks’ as read, do we not! 😀 But if someone ‘unknown’ puts something like ‘Loved this post’, ie, they’re sharing it because they liked it and wanted others to read it, I like to respond with something like ‘Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it/it helpful/it made you laugh’, etc!! I’ll usually then stick them on my RT list for the next session!

    I never click the ‘favourite’ button as I keep my ‘favourites’ for tweets/links I want to keep so I can use/tweet again.

    Can I just add something to the .@ thing? You can also do it by making sure you don’t start any tweets off with the user’s name, such as ‘Thanks @CathyRy!’ – as long as there is something before the @, it means it goes into the main feed, not just that person’s mentions. Yes, I often forget it too – it’s all too easy when you’re just chatting, isn’t it!!!

    Ouch – a comment that’s as long as the post…. sorry!


  2. Good tips, Rosie. May I add that when (the collective) you are thanking people you do so one at a time – many a time I’ve gone to my notifications to find that one of the five people thanked at the same time as me has clicked the favourite button and retweeted, so I have two needless notifications that I’ve taken the time to read. Also, why do people retweet simple “Thank you” tweets just because it has their name in it – this is an annoying clogging up of the timeline.

    I’m not yet a fan of the reply with the original tweet embedded. It does give you a chance to add a more visible comment, which is great, but readers have to click several times to get to the original post to find out if it is worth reading. I now do this only if it looks REALLY interesting.

    The dot is a great tool, but I find some people use it without thought as to what their followers will see and they will get a tweet that is meaningless if they read it away from the one it is replying to.


  3. To be honest, Rosie and TBR pile person, 50% of my mention I just skim down each morning – either ‘top influencers of the day’ things, ‘thanks for the RTs’, or (worse) on #FF day – I usually have 100 people thanking whoever #FFd them, without taking all the other @usernames out of the list. One of my big Twitter Tips (and one I tweet often) is this – when thanking one person, take the other names off the list. Whenever I tweet that, about 10 people say ‘Oh yes, it drives me mad!!’


  4. Great post, Rosie. Some equally interesting tips in the comments! I’ve always used the ‘favourite’ button in the same way as the ‘like’ on FB, so thanks to Terry for sharing that tip. I stopped doing #ff about six months into my Twitter life as it began to annoy the hell out of me! My feed was full of names instead of blog links/book recommendations etc. 🙂


  5. Thanks Rosie. I am still trying to understand how to use Twitter to its potential. I have been wondering when/how to thank people who re-tweet a link of mine and this is really helpful!


  6. Thanks for the tips, Rosie. I didn’t know about the dot before@. I’m never sure how to thank someone for saying I’m a top interactor. I didn’t know you could remove the other names when you reply so thanks to TBR person for that. There’s such a lot I don’t know so posts like this, especially where there’s interaction from others, are great.


  7. Thanks for this, Rosie, and for all those useful tips made by other commentators. Sometimes I despair of ever getting to grips with Twitter.


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