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Heidi chose to read and review Dream On by Terry Tyler


Dream On

By Terry Tyler

Review by Heidi Lynn


First, I would like to thank Rosie Amber and Terry Tyler for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.


Dream On is the first book in Terry Tyler’s Thor Series. I actually was given her second book Full Circle to read prior to reading Dream On. Reading both books I can definitely say both were very good in different ways.


Dream on is a book about the journey it takes to make a life long dream of making a rock band a reality in England. There is heartache, pain, horrible blind dates, old girlfriends from the past, reality show competitions, love triangles, an adorable little Harley always asking cute questions.


Thor was the name of the band that Dave Bentley had come up. I laughed out loud with the reaction of the future band mate Shane Cowley had. There was no way he was wearing one of those Viking helmets as it would mess up his hair. In my mind that is something we woman would say.


I loved the whole love triangle between David’s former girlfriend Ariel and his current girlfriend and father of his child Janice. A lot of drama, love, hurt feelings, etc. However, it did make for a really good storyline.


Tom in my eyes was the most hated character of the whole book!! I despised him. He was a guy that Janice met off of Myspace and went on a blind date with. The date went horribly wrong as he turned out to be a total creep! He insulted the waiter’s nationality, rushed through the courses, had the gall to threaten her to shut up about her ex with a butter knife! Who does that?! I don’t blame her for getting up and walking out of that restaurant. Thank God she deleted and blocked him on MySpace!


Quotes I enjoyed in the book were:


“Success is what happens when everyone else is asleep.”


“We’ll need a Myspace page,” Ritchie was saying. “That’s what our Pete told me. All unsigned bands have them these days.”


“Oh yeah, my sis, she’s always on MySpace.” Shane said, grinning. “She posts them sparkly pictures of angels all over her mates’ pages and gives it that ‘lol’ stuff all the time.” He laughed”


“How old do I have to be before I can smoke cigarettes like Daddy does?” said Harley, coming down the stairs.

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  1. Ha ha, I love that you included those quotes, Heidi, thanks! Thanks, Rosie – only one ‘my book’ review to go now, I am guessing people will be pleased to note!


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