Unexpected Love By Sterna Kruger #Romance #Bookreview

Unexpected Love: Unexpected Series - Book 2Unexpected Love: Unexpected Series – Book 2 by Sterna Kruger

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Unexpected love is a romance around Ashley Richards and Evan Charleston. The main setting is East coast America. Ashley is an only child and Evan is a movie star. They have been friends forever and never take their relationship one step further. Family and friends can see they are perfect together but the couple are blind to this.

Ashley works with Evan’s sister Megan, they run their own catering business. Evan’s large family all show their Southern hospitality and welcome Ashley into their family group.

When a top New York lawyer called Dylan shows a romantic interest in Ashley she is flattered and they become a couple but it causes a lot of tension between her and Evan and a love triangle stresses everyone to breaking point.

Evan’s next film is in South Africa and soon tabloid news reports of Evan and his leading lady make Ashley fly down to find the truth, but Emma’s not prepared to give Evan up without a fight.

This is a good romantic storyline and the book opens with some good action. It is fast paced and at times I wanted more time spent on the romantic scenes with deeper emotional expression so that I could connect to the characters. We do have moments where Ashley is indecisive and questioning of her actions, they were full of sighing and crying, then jumped to laughter without capturing me as a reader and making me feel a part of the book. The authors writing showed great potential and a move towards showing the reader the storyline through the use of descriptive words rather than telling us would improve and flesh out the book immensely.

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3 thoughts on “Unexpected Love By Sterna Kruger #Romance #Bookreview

  1. That’s a shame – judging by Sterna’s name I wonder if she’s not writing in her native language.

    Nothng to do with the book itself, but I never quite get these ‘friendship then suddenly we fell in love’ stories – they don’t ring true to me because if they’ve been ‘just friends’ for so long it usually means the chemistry isn’t there! But that’s just an aside and a personal opinion, I am sure many won’t agree with me.


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