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Terry chose to read and review Eli’s Coming by Darcia Helle


Eli’s Coming by Darcia Helle

3.5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on behalf of Rosie Amber’s review team

I chose to read this book from the review team list because I had read another of Darcia Helle’s books, underworld crime thriller Killing Instinct, and loved it. Eli’s Coming, however, comes under the genre headings of supernatural/dark fantasy; I’d mistakenly thought it was a psychological thriller with a supernatural slant, but the fantasy side of it is the main element of the story. My error!

Amanda becomes involved with the mysterious Eli who has secrets and demons, which are revealed to the reader gradually; I liked the way Ms Helle did this, highly effective, allowing just enough information to seep out at a time to maintain interest. It worked! I thought the characterisation of the tormented, isolated Eli was most convincing. There is a more real life element to the beginning of the story, too, with Amanda’s frustration about her domestic situation, and her relationship with her parents. Her mother has Alzheimer’s; this was represented with care and realism.

A hint: at 99%, ie, after the end of the book, there is an information section about the Native American people who were the inspiration for this story. I’d advise you skip to the end and read this as soon as they are mentioned, as it will make the story mean more.

Ms Helle is a competent writer and I would imagine that this book will fulfil all the requirements of dark fantasy addicts. Alas, I am not one, so I did not enjoy the book as much as I had hoped, but this is not a reflection on the standard of the writing. I enjoyed the first 20% very much, when it was more about Amanda and her father and friend, but the two elements did not mesh well together, for me. Having enjoyed Killing Instinct so much I would definitely read another of her books, but will stick to her crime novels from now on.

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7 thoughts on “Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Eli’s Coming by @DarciaHelle #Supernatural #Fantasy #Bookreview

  1. Sorry, I’ve just realised how rubbish this review is, it’s far too personal; problem was that I realised about 20% in that it absolutely wasn’t my sort of book, but still wanted to review it because Darcia Helle writes so well.


  2. It’s not rubbish, Terry, it’s what you thought. That’s what reviews are for. I always say, it’s subjective when I write reviews; one reader’s thoughts can be opposite from someone else’s .jx


  3. It’s difficult to separate out the personal when we read Terry and it’s tricky when we’ve picked up a book that’s not our bag however this tells me all I need to know. The writing is great and you would read more from this author – job done!


  4. I found this review to be clear, descriptive and thoughtful. The personal aspect is expected, no? Every reader connects in his/her own way to a book and that personal connection (or disconnect) is what shapes your opinion. Well done.


  5. Sounds like the information section at the end of the book about the Native American people who were the inspirational for this story should have been placed at the beginning. It may have helped you relate to the story more.
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