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Babus has been reading White is the coldest colour by John Nicholls


A disturbing crime thriller about a paedophile ring in Wales, driven ironically by a paediatric psychiatrist. Dr Galbraith is a pillar of the community but he’s also a very dangerous man who is a sadist. when he focuses on  little boy referred to him he will stop at nothing to complete his aims.

This is a very dark read and although avoids any gratuitous sensationalism, it’s still a harrowing read. This probably isn’t the most well-written thriller by a long shot but it is compelling but for me lacked characterisation, apart from for the main antagonist Galbraith and in an attempt to portray a realism in the way individual officers deal with investigation and officious surgeons deal with patients, it made me expect a chain of incompetence, which I am hoping is not the case in the majority high profile sensitive investigations. That and my bug bear about writers confusing cardiac arrest with heart attacks, I had to deduct a star.

An overall good read if you have the stomach to read about paedophile rings.

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10 thoughts on “Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT White Is The Coldest Colour by John @nicholl06 #bookreview

  1. Good review, Babus – your ‘had to deduct a star’ comment interested me. Do some reviewers start at 5 then knock off if they don’t like something? I tend to start at 3 (ie, average), and then go up or down, but end up awarding the star by ‘feel’ a lot of the time, and comparing with what else I’ve reviewed. I’d love to know how others go about it!


    • I agree with your awarding the star by ‘feel’. That’s how I do it, as I’m reading I find it just naturally falls into the star level that I’m happy with. Sometimes I get in to a bit of a tussle if I think it’s somewhere between 2 stars and I have decide up or down but that’s as technical as I get.

      This is a good review though not a book for me, I like crime thrillers but I’d hate this subject matter.


      • I chose this one to review but it wasn’t for me, alas, though I believe it’s doing very well so obviously a lot of people like it. Yes, the ‘between stars’ thing is hard – it’s why I do all my daft fractions!! Or sometimes I’m going to give 4, but then I think, no, I didn’t enjoy it as much as such and such that I gave 4 to, but it’s better than a 3.5* because it’s very well structured… then I end up with silly 3.8 and all sorts!


    • No Terry, I don’t really think about awarding stars until the plot establishes itself and with this one I thought it was going to be a 5 star book but the heart attack thing annoyed me a hair too far. It wasn’t the only thing that annoyed me but the accumulation of all the little things and this one compelled me to go from a 5 star rating to a 4 star one when I’d finished.


  2. Hi Babus. Thank you for your four star review of ‘White is the coldest colour’ on Amazon. The price of the ebook is reduced on and until 8, August. Best wishes, John Nicholl


  3. A fair review, but much as I like a good crime novel, and have absolutely no illusions that paedophilles exist, I don’t think I have the stomach for this one.


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