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Amanda has been reading A Way From Heart To Heart by Helena Fairfax with Brook Cottage Books



I have not read or heard of Helena before so i was please to have another new author to read

WOW what i have i miss out on what a talented author once I started to read i really couldn’t put it down i was hooked  i was so caught up in the relationship between Kate and paul 

This book so good Helena done a brilliant job at showing us all her character weakness and strengths you really do keep to know them so well   She goes so in dept i felt this pulls you into their life’s so well my heart when out to them 

Kate husband was killed in Afghanistan  Kate world was turned up side down how would she cope ? she got to be strong for George her son he was so young he need his mum 

Paul was Stuart best friend  they were both were very good journalist and paul was George god parent he was going to see George once a month to take him out but i felt him and Kate did  not really like each or did they ?  They relationship seem a bit strained    Why?      

I found Paul a great character but i felt he was a  bit detached at times a bit hard to read or was he trying to hide his feelings for kate ? Both were grieving both cope differently i felt 


Kate worked with a great charity she was throwing her self into it she was supporting disadvantage teenagers she wanted some publicity in pops paul he going to help and support them but some other not so nice journalists pick up on Kate being a model and try to run a bad story about her 

I not telling you more i want you to read

Soon Kate and Paul start to feel more for each other which i was so happy about were you? 

I felt this book was about love, friendship, grief, loss , learning to cope with a loss and trying to rebuild your life and maybe find love again i was so grip by the brilliant storyline 

Helena got a great way of bringing her characters to life i felt all their love , pain and loss they become my friends i felt Helena had such a wonderful love and passion for them 

This book so well written it got a very sad under 

Tone but the main plot so warm and uplifting i loved it 

I enjoy the background to the characters i found it so interesting i was glued to this book i read in two nights 

You will be on the edge of your chair with this book i was guessing what was going to happen i just wanted them to be happy and take the plunge  

I found this so warm to read i really enjoy it a brilliant tale of love 

I would like to thank Brooks Cottage tour for letting me be part of this book tour i also read as part of  Rosie’s Book Review team    

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