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Honeybun Fever Box SetHoneybun Fever Box Set by Sam Cheever

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The Honeybun Fever Box set are four inter-racial romances novellas set in America. The Honeybuns are an extensive family who support each other and provide readers with plenty of material for more books about them.

Book 1 is “Shadows of a Honeybun”. Dolfe Honeybun is a bad boy detective who is stalking out a meth lab. A car shows up with a pair of drunk occupants who enter the warehouse. Blaise Runa is a party girl and finds herself under gun fire, when a hunk comes to her rescue. It’s dark and she’s cut her foot and when a fire breaks out she intends to stick to her rescuer for more than one reason.

Book 2 is “Honeybun Sheik”. Callia Honeybun owns her own security firm and is a martial arts expert. She has just ended a relationship and is out at a ski resort when she crashed her snowmobile. Abdel Ezzat finds her on the mountain and takes her back to his chalet, but it’s not safe, he’s being hunted and the net is closing in fast. Callia discovers Abdel is a Saudi prince and soon finds herself doing all she can to protect him.

Book 3 is “Stealth Honeybun”. Peyton Honeybun is a ranch business consultant, he stops off at a store to buy a six pack and finds himself helping defend the place. Willa Sloan runs the country grocery store and soon finds herself working alongside Peyton to take out the armed kidnappers who have her workers held hostage.

Book 4 is “Hell hath no Honeybun”. It’s Halloween and Garrick Honeybun is attending a party fundraiser. The evening singer Ena Vargis attracts him, but before he can talk to her she disappears with a man who looks to be threatening her. Garrick follows and discovers her with blood on her hands and a dead man at her feet. She’s not the murderer but the evidence looks bad, he follows her and offers his help, but things get complicated when her brother is kidnapped.

I enjoyed this introduction to the Honeybun family, my favourite book was about the country store hold up, I thought the home-made bombs and pepper spray showed initiative. These books are great if you want a quick read.

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  1. I read the first Honeybun book, “A Honeybun and Coffee” and got a huge kick out of it (humm. Just realized I didn’t review. Will have to fix that). I haven’t read these but they are on my list of “Read for fun when I just want to relax” list.


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