Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Lynn reviews Ridge by @StephanieHurt4 #Romance #Bookreview

Today’s team review is from Lynn

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She chose to read and review Ridge by Stephanie Hurt


Ridge, the 1st book in the Five Oaks Ranch Series, by Stephanie Payne Hurt  is a love story that follows Ridge Cauthen.  The eldest of the Cauthen Clan who  served in Iraq.  He is now home and working his family’s ranch.  Ridge by chance meets the new Veterinarian;  Mallory.  Ridge is dealing with PTSD from his military service.  PTSD that includes nightmares, flashbacks  and mood swings.  Not an ideal time to try and make someone fall in love with you.  My favorite part of this story was the amount of love, patience and forgiveness Ridge is shown by his family and friends.  I would hope all veterans would receive the same treatment.  I’m not going to tell you if Boy gets Girl, you just have to read it yourself!!

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