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The Celtic Knot (Suit of Cups, #1)The Celtic Knot by Shannon MacLeod

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The Celtic Knot is a mild romantic suspense with a touch of magic. It is set in Florida around a Renaissance festive theme park.

Lily Evans is an insurance agent, who works alongside her controlling boyfriend Lucas. She enjoys reading Tarot cards and her friend Beth persuades her to take a part-time job reading the cards at Castle Wilde. It’s here she first meets Ian Kelly, Irish mural painter and actor, there is an instant attraction.

Through dream scenes we discover that both Lily and Ian have met in several past lifetimes, so it’s no surprise they feel things are familiar at times. Lucas disapproves of anything magical which borders on fantasy, so Lily soon decides to leave him for Ian.

Meanwhile the local news tells of a woman’s body found in the River Alafia.

Ian soon has concerns for Lily’s safety when he suspects a stalker with a more sinister motif, but he has his own secrets he’s not yet prepared to reveal. Can he make a final commitment or will he lose Lily again?

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