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Liz chose to read and review Death in a Dacron Sail by N.A Granger

Death In A Dacron Sail by Noelle Granger

Death In A Dacron Sail by Noelle Granger

Death in a Dacron Sail by N A Granger


Rhe Brewster is a sassy lady. Not content with working part time in ER and looking after her hyperactive son, she is also a consultant with the local police department. I first met her in the murder mystery Death in a Red Canvas Chair and now she has returned, brave and intelligent as ever, to discover a serial killer.


Although her son Jack suffers from ADHD he seems to be coping better in this novel but Rhe’s unlikeable husband Will is going from bad to worse. Luckily she has the sympathetic support of her brother-in-law, Police Chief, Sam Brewster and the best friend ever, neighbour Paulette. I’d love to have a friend like Paulette living nearby with coffee always ready and superb meals provided at the drop of a hat!


Rhe’s ability to cope with family drama and unpleasant murder details is sorely strained when she is attacked by a drunk at the hospital. There are repercussions effecting her employment and she begins to feel threatened. However she continues to investigate the disappearance of four young girls, over the years, in the area of her small town, Pequod in Maine.


Working with Federal Agent Bowers she discovers what has happened to the missing girls but finding out who is responsible is more difficult. Unwittingly, Rhe lures the perpetrator into further action putting herself in danger of losing her life.


The fate of the victims in the story is very unpleasant but following the investigation and trying to guess who the murderer might be is intriguing. Rhe and the other characters are well rounded people whom you might meet in any small town and I felt really involved in this exciting tale. N A Granger writes knowledgeably about the fishing industry and also about hospital life, giving the book complete authority. I am now looking forward to her next mystery and also following the events in Rhe’s personal life.

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