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Your Own KindYour Own Kind by Linda Fagioli-Katsiotas

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Your Own Kind is set in 1974 at East End in America, a small spit of land that meets the ocean and is home to a collection of people from around the world.

Sarah is 17, she lives in Owl’s Head, NY, a dead end town, her parents can’t cope as she pushes the boundaries and they disapprove of her close friendship with Oscar. So they decide to send her to East End for the summer, where her Uncle can supervise her and she can get a job and learn some independence. They close their eyes to her vulnerability in a place full of possibilities.

Sarah becomes friends with a Kareem a young Turkish boy who forms a crush on her. She gets a job in a restaurant, but it doesn’t work out and instead she becomes a maid at the local Greek run hotel. Andreas has a roving eye for young girls and she soon finds herself in an awkward position. She also builds a friendship with Alexandros, who works in the restaurant, but speaks very little English.

The storyline is about relationships and looks at different Nationalities and their expectations. The opening chapters set a scene and through the use of back stories we find out how each character came to where they are at the beginning. Then in the closing chapters, we find out where the characters moved forward from the original opening scenes. I struggled with the volume of back stories, chopping back and forth, I found it a complicated style and as a reader I was left trying to grasp the main story threads, always feeling they were just out of reach. However this is just how I read the story, I can see that for other readers the back stories will be the main focus.

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