The Second Coming: A Love Story by @ScottPinsker #bookreview

The Second Coming: A Love StoryThe Second Coming: A Love Story by Scott Pinsker

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The Second Coming: A Love Story is a book which considers the return of Jesus Christ. It is set in America. Two deities come to earth both claiming they are the second coming of Jesus and that the other one is the devil. Joe and Israel gather followers, some key players are modern day mirrors of their biblical counterparts.

There follows discussions, preaching, teaching and miracles, which gain each party popularity from a nation lost and confused. America becomes split as it does with election fever, both sides falling to modern marketing methods to sell themselves.

The main story is interwoven with parables adding an extra layer to the storyline. The characters perform with passion and their roles are well written. The book is around 400 pages and for me I found it heavy on the philosophical dialogue. I’m from the UK and the parallels with the modern American marketing of the political presidency race weren’t of interest to me. The book does make you think about your own views of the bible and religious messages we are given in the modern world. I think the book will be like “marmite” and like the followers of the second coming, readers will be divided in their opinions of the content.

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  1. How very interesting. On Wednesday nights, our Pastor is taking us through Revelations of end times from a Biblical perspective. 🙂
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