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This feature is to get more shout-outs for books that are sitting of my bookshelf waiting to be read.


Twenty years ago a young Londoner named Lucy arrived in the Dorset countryside as a rather bemused bride. She knew nothing of the great outdoors and blithely agreed to spend her honeymoon harvesting. Her rural education was to be a fast and frantic one.

This is the story of a woman who began rural life in romance, raised a family in the farmyard, was left by her husband just as her name was being made as a columnist for the countryside, and found a whole new life for herself in the hills and valleys she had come to love.

Inspired by Lucy Pinney’s popular columns for The Times, this bewitching bucolic romp is a glorious combination of Bridget Jones, I Don’t Know How She Does It and Gervase Phinn.

She became a farmer’s wife for love of the farmer, but can Lucy’s relationship with the countryside survive two decades, divorce and more mud than she ever dreamed possible?

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Bookshelf #SundayBlogShare A Country Wife by Lucy Pinney #books

  1. I am not really a big fan of memoirs, however the premise as Lucy describes it, had me smiling instantly.

    The thought of spending my honeymoon harvesting would have filled me with dread, as it still would now!

    Mind you, I doubt that I would have considered becoming a farmer’s wife in the first place – I’m a bit too urban for all that wide open spce and animals 🙂

    I live very close to both the Dorset and Devon borders and do admit to taking a keen interest in authors who live almost on my doorstep, so to speak!



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