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Amanda chose to read and review Castaway in the Caribbean by Janice Horton with Brook Cottage books


I loved this book it packed with some very exciting twists and tuns it a very fast paced read it just a lovely fun tale

A great adventure
Janey has it all she has a great job her life good she got a very lovely good looking boyfriend he the love of her life ( i did like him did you ) or was he was she just happy with her life
They now got a surprise trip to the Caribbean can they both relax and have a bit of fun together
The description of the Caribbean were so brilliant so create i could see and hear it all in my mind
I loved the moment janey met Travis they seem to hate each other they just did not get on or did they ?
I enjoy hearing Travis point of view on things he was a real lady man i really enjoy his fun characters he full of charm as you read their adventure you just get transport to this beautiful island It will make you laugh and smile at them and bet you will get mad at them to i did
The story packed with cham,love, danger,kidnapping ,fun,sunshine,pirates and a beautiful island what more could you want ?

You will have read to see what going to happen to them all i found the back drop of this book just caught my imagination i just go so pulled into this fun book i was enjoying all the fun and danger
I loved all the banter and humour between trevor and Janey
Janey just made me smile with all her ways she was a great character i felt for her so much she was so likeable

It a great summer book it so wonderfully written the tension and romance is just right making it a book that pulls you into the plot .you will like all the characters .
I could tell at lot of research had been done on this book
A very enjoyable read
I like to thank Brooks cottage tours for letting me read and review this book i also read as part of Roise amber book review team member.

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