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Judith chose to read and review Death in a Dacron sail by N.A Granger

Death In A Dacron Sail by Noelle Granger

Death In A Dacron Sail by Noelle Granger

I wish I’d realised that Death in a Dacron Sail is the second book in the Rhe Brewster Mystery Series; I think I would have enjoyed getting to know the characters and their history by reading the first book, rather than picking up hints of past action from the dialogue or the internal thoughts of the characters in Death in a Dacron Sail.

Nevertheless I liked the style of N.A.Granger’s writing, despite the irritation of faulty erratic, formatting (the author’s name kept popping up at the end of paragraphs, together with mysterious addition of the letters ef and random sets of numbers at the start of sentences) and some editing issues. This was a shame because these problems took me out of the story so many times, just as I was beginning to become absorbed.

So, to give fair weight to what is a well-told story, I’ll concentrate on the positives: it is an excellent example of both mystery and crime genres and I enjoyed following the clues (and sometimes being caught out by guessing ‘who done it’ and getting it wrong! The characters are well rounded and believable; I identified immediately, and liked the ones who were the good guys and was in no doubt who were the antagonists, both in Rhe’s professional and personal life. The dialogue is good and it’s possible to differentiate between the characters by their speech. And the settings throughout the novel give a good sense of place. The plot is tightly woven and moves, generally, at a fast but steady pace, with plenty of interesting forensic and investigative details, mixed with action and suspense. Personally, I did think the ending was a little sudden and, for me, a little disappointing. Perhaps more detail, earlier in the book, of the antagonist, may have given the denouement more suspense. But there again, perhaps I just misread the clues.

If there is one aspect of the story that began to grate slightly, it’s the amount of detail to food: to recipes made by Rhe’s friend, Paulette, to the anticipation of meals, the eating of meals, the frequency that food is mentioned. Small point but these things did tend to slow the action and sometimes it felt a little contrived; just to bolster up an aspect of the protagonist’s domestic situation. Or perhaps I’m just jealous that I don’t have a friend who will supply all my meals for me!

As usual no spoilers from me but I think I’ve said enough to show that, despite the formatting, loose editing, and all that eating, I enjoyed the read. To be fair the author did tell me she’d had problems getting the novel to me through the ether as an eBook.  I think I might try to find the first book of the Rhe Brewster series and the one after Death in a Dacron Sail, in paperback versions. Anyway, the top and bottom of this review is that I would recommend this author. I do like her style and, on the whole, liked Death in a Dacron Sail.

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