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The Fear and the Solace (The Kyrennei #2)The Fear and the Solace by Arie Farnam

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Fear and The Solace is book two in The Kyrennei series, suitable for young adults and above. It is a thriller. The series is about the discrimination of a lesser people, a theme which the world has seen over and over.

This book continues the story of the emergence of an ancient people called the Kyrennei and their treaty with the Meikan nation. The Addin are a group of power seekers who control money and authority. They have mind controlling techniques which they use on people. In the first book they were rounding up children and seriously experimenting on them. Aranka was rescued by an out-law team and taken to a Montana hide-out where her true identity evolved.

Book two begins with Aranka on the run after an attempt by the Addin to recapture her. Befriended by children she is once again whisked to safety. The Addin are taking more and more children and experimenting on them and the out-laws go on another mission to save them.

With constant precautions needed it’s not long before the Montana safe-house is compromised and once again the out-laws are on the run, this time crossing mountains to reach Canada. The need to be heard and voice their oppression to the world urges them to come out in the open and ask for support. “May you always be free,” a Meikan phrase really can be echoed in our own world.

This fictional series speaks volumes about many minor nations. I recommend reading book one first and following this important series.

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2 thoughts on “The Fear and The Solace by Arie Farnham @farnamarie #bookreview #YA #Thriller

  1. I only read the first book and thought it was absolutely 5 stars until Aranka arrived at the compound and everyone started making plans to fight the Addin, so I guess I enjoyed the fantasy/sci-fi aspect more than the minority issue. I thought it was mindblowing finding out what Aranka was, that whole process. And then finding out her people’s history. But all the running and making plans to fight the Addin just did not appeal to me as much, as it turned into something I had seen in so many books of the genre.
    So I guess I would most likely not enjoy this sequel as much, huh? Glad you did though! And you definitely bring out some interesting points about minorities.


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