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The Thinking (The Landland Chronicles #2)The Thinking by Dallas Sutherland

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Thinking is book two of the Landland Chronicles and is a children’s series. I do recommend reading book one first to get a feel for the story. Book one, called The Greying introduces us to Meah a young girl whose mother has died, her father is missing and she falls overboard whilst on a boat. She ends up in a magical world which is all covered in grey and must help the people.

In book two, Meah now understands that she is living in the pages of a book which her father began writing and which her Aunt has taken over and is distorting the story. Meah is still trying to help the folk of Landland fight the greying and the Firbog army.

Meah has been given mysterious gifts and can use her Thinking skills to communicate. She also finds that if she paints in her book she can create colourful pictures which help in the battles to come. She searches for The Biggo to help her find answers and the story will continue in book 3.

There are some very good descriptions of the forest and people, plus some great drawings. I wasn’t so keen on the different chapter options at the end of the book between Auntie Beryl’s version of the story and The Biggo’s it was a little confusing.

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