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Welcome to my new feature called Wednesday Wing where I’ll be passing on

observations, tips and information to readers I’ve made a note of.

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Today I’m passing on a tip about using Google+

Having a presence on Google+ is important for authors/ writers, the whole google search engine is one of the largest and commonly used, so Team Google is a good bet.

If you are trying to get more traffic to your blog, books etc and you have a google+ account then I think it really needs to be set up for PUBLIC sharing.

When I go to share a post on google+ and I get a message, “This post was shared privately”, then I don’t share it and you’ve LOST potential visibility.

Make sure you have the box below your Google+ post showing a GREEN “Public” for who the post is going to if it’s a post about your book/work.

If you blog make sure you are showing the Google+ button for readers to add you to their circles and to the Google+ button to share your post to their own Google+ accounts.

Make your post stand out on Google+

If you add the star asterisk to each side of your post title, when you post those words will come out in bold *Your post title*

Use Hashtags – just like Twitter, don’t forget to add hashtags, google+ picks them up too.

Also, like Twitter, direct your post to a specific person when appropriate. I’m lazy I’ll type in @(for example)rosieamber in my post and as long as that person is in one of my “circles” on Google+, clever old Google+ finds them and changes it to +rosieamber. When I then share my post it immediately adds that person to the share, making sure my post hits the mark.

Use the +1 button on the bottom of friend’s posts to “like” a post.

Use the right hand curved arrow on the bottom of a post to “share” it to your friends.

Build your friendships/ acquaintances as you do on Twitter.

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45 thoughts on “Wednesday Wing…..Google+ posts tips on social networking #wwwblogs

  1. Thanks Rosie. I’ve had mine set to public and have been using tags and mentioning people recently but didn’t know about the asterisks…Takin notes!


  2. Thank you, Rosie. I blogged about social media a couple of days ago on Novel Points of View and admitted to not having grasped Google+ and would welcome a tutorial! This has helped – though still much to learn.


  3. I do use google plus a lot myself as well! I am going to try and embolden my titles now, which is something I never did before. I am also going to use hashtags. I never knew Google plus recognised them, so I always left them out. It looks like my mistake DD:


  4. I noticed the same thing, Rosie. I share all my posts on Google+ as public. I did not know about the hashtags so thanks for the new info. I appreciate you writing this article. ❤


  5. Maybe I’m just dense but why does it seem like every time I use a different device, it says something different: publicly on the laptop and privately on the tablet. How do I get the “shared publicly” on all of my devices at the same time?

    Google+ is convoluted to me, to say the least because I still don’t understand it. 🙂 Thanks for the post, Rosie.


  6. A really good idea. We may be able to write but getting to properly use all the tools available to help advertise ourselves and out work is just as important as the product itself – the author and the book. I look forward to future instalments. Thanks.


  7. Rosie, The one reason I don’t use Google+ is that they as your birth date when you want to sign on. This is a big security issue, as date of birth is often used as a security question on many financial and health sites. I don’t quite get why they’re allowed to get away with this.


  8. Your timing is impeccable. I was noticed yesterday that my blog was not publicizing to my Google+ account. And, if/when it would, it was always “private.” UGH.

    I have now updated on Gravatar a link to my Google+ (I’d already had one on my blog, but obviously it isn’t working). I am hoping this new link will do it. But, really, I don’t even know if it is the correct url to use or how the links on Gravatar work.

    But now I am wondering, to do all those fancy things you’re talking about, the embolding and the hashtagging, I’d have to do that on my blog because I don’t cut past to Google+, is that correct?

    I had tried using hashtags on some of my posts on my blog, but I’m not sure it did anything whatsoever. However, I have started using Click to Tweet, creating a pre-written tweet for my readers to use. It’s pretty awesome!

    Hoping you know the answer to my question, and thanks for posting. Google+ seems like an enigma to a lot of us (which seems odd seeing as Google is otherwise pretty streamlined).

    ☀ Memee


    • Hi Memee, I’m afraid I post separately to Google+ and Twitter as I usually want to say different things on each platform and set out the text differently. I take the post short link offered for each post from my wordpress edit screen and then add the words I need on other platforms. Definitely put Hashtags in you blog titles though, things like #mystery #romance #bookreview #bookblogger #WriterTips etc there are plenty of lists of common hashtags if you search them.

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