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Confessions of an AssassinConfessions of an Assassin by Linda Heavner Gerald

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Confessions of an Assassin is a memoir style book. The storyline then rolls out the life of Catherine Carnegie from childhood to her age of around 50 when she is looking back on her life.

The author’s familiar writing style is to tell us about the events of her life and I picked up the writing voice from another of Linda’s books, which I had previously read. The first 23 chapters tell us about Catherine’s privileged upbringing, her love of “Gone With The Wind” and a wish to live a Southern style life in a house like Tara. We learn of the choices she made, the loss of her parents and the introduction to Frank, who has unsettling characteristics.

Catherine first met Frank at college and she remembers his wish to enter the CIA and it’s Frank who reveals he’s been following her and recruits her. Catherine is used as a glamorous assistant to Frank as he gathers information and her big chance is when she is asked to play a game to get close to a new target.

When Catherine quickly falls in love with Farid, she begins a new life of luxury as a kept woman. Farid has his own secrets, but showers Catherine with expensive gifts and they share a love of painting.

When the CIA go one step too far asking Catherine to kill Farid, she turns to God for help and confesses all.

The author wants to tell us through Catherine’s story that regardless of your actions, God will always welcome you back.

From the title I thought this book was going to be full of stories from a hardened assassin, it’s not, in fact Catherine doesn’t kill anyone. It was always going to be a memoir, this one has a religious moral it wants to portray.

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  1. Rarely has a book been so ill named or a cover so ill chosen! It looks like a hard hitting action thriller, I agree!


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