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Death In A Dacron Sail by Noelle Granger

Death In A Dacron Sail by Noelle Granger

A Character-Driven Crime Novel


Death in a Dacron sail is a cosy yet exciting crime mystery. The plot is tightly woven with plenty of forensic information provided by narrator Rhe Brewster, nurse and amateur sleuth.

Rhe is helping the Local Police Department, at the small coastal town of Pequod, Maine, as consultant, with an unpleasant crime involving a missing child. There is plenty of fast-paced action and suspense, in spite of the idyllic small town location, and there are many surprises and twists, making it a gripping page turner. It’s also very well written. The prose flows so smoothly that it is a pleasure to read.

However, the very best part of this novel is the characterization. Readers won’t be interested in a good plot and wonderful writing if they can’t engage with the characters. Detective, crime thrillers, and mysteries often run the risk of being plot driven in detriment of character development, but that’s not the case with Noelle Granger’s novels. On the contrary, the reader will love Rhe, because she is clever, generous and caring, but she’s also naïve, sometimes insecure, and others too patient with people who just don’t deserve it! I’ve wanted to tell her to be careful with someone who’s close to her since book one (no name so no spoilers!), and to stand up to her bullying boss!

The other characters, both ‘good’ and ‘bad’, are also so real they almost jump out of the page to watch you reading!

Death in a Dacron Sail is the second book in the Rhe Brewster Mysteries, but it can be read as a stand-alone novel, because the criminal cases are independent, and although the main characters are the same, there is enough background information for readers to feel comfortable reading book two alone or first. However, if you read this book, you will no doubt want to read book one, Death on a Red Canvas Chair, too!

I’m impatiently waiting for book three because although I’m sure Rhe Brewster will be solving another riveting case, and I’m just as interested in finding out how her personal life will develop in this engaging series.

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  1. Thank you, Luccia, for the wonderful review. The third book is nearly done, but we all know that just mean endless editing! But I’ll get there – and you know I am patiently awaiting your second book, too!


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