Old Town Nights by Linda Williams @williamslindal #Paranormal #Romance

Old Town Nights (Blood & Company, #1)Old Town Nights by Linda Lee Williams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Old Town Nights is an adult paranormal romance. Think of an Adult Twilight mixed with The Cake Boss. Ambrose Slater and his family run the Slater Bakeries in Chicago. Abby Lawrence is a real estate agent.

Ambrose has been in love with Abby for several months, he’s a gentleman but he has been stalking her. He sets up a house viewing appointment with her just to finally meet her, but his intentions are selfish.

Abby finds him very attractive, but when he takes matters into his own hands she is shocked by what she finds. Falling in love Abby is divided by her love for Ambrose and what she sees their future to be. The longer they stay together the harder it is for both of them until finally they make a fateful decision.

Have they done what is right or what is best for their future?

I liked this book because I’m a Twilight fan and a fan of The Cake Boss, it’s ticks the boxes of a modern paranormal romance too.

This review is based on a free copy of the book which I won.

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  1. Rosie, thanks for reading and reviewing Old Town Nights. I’m happy you enjoyed the story so much, and I’m honored that you posted a review on your blog as well as on Amazon. I wondered who “Roses are Amber” is–was!

    Thanks, too, to everyone who left a comment or reposted Rosie’s blog. I appreciate your support.

    My best,


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