Wednesday Wing…..Using Paint for Twitter Pics #wwwblogs #TwitterTip

Welcome to my new feature called Wednesday Wing

Where I’ll be passing on observations, tips and information to readers I’ve made a note of.

Rosie's Notebook

Today I’m passing on a tip about Using Paint to create pictures for Tweets

Adding a picture to your tweet gives it INSTANT eye-appeal

I use the PAINT facility on my computer, there will be other methods. A picture will take up 23 characters of your tweet.

Making a picture 1024 pixels wide and 512 pixels high will make sure it fits completely.

1) Open up a new paint file

2) Resize the page clicking on Pixels and making the Horizontal width 1024 and the vertical height 512, uncheck the “Maintain ratio aspect box”

3) Paste your pictures to this blank space, add writing etc.

4) Save this as a j-peg file

5) Write your tweet, click “add photo”, tweet. (If your picture doesn’t show, click on the “picturelink” words in the tweet and it should appear.

Paint frame

This works for me on a desk top computer, but there are all sorts of other technology for your pictures

Let us know other ways you create your Twitter pictures.

23 thoughts on “Wednesday Wing…..Using Paint for Twitter Pics #wwwblogs #TwitterTip

  1. Thanks SO much! I never knew the proper size and best procedure. I’ll try this today (with Preview instead of Paint for my Mac).

    Love this Wednesday feature.


  2. Thanks Rosie. I’ve been using Canva (I have photoshop but I’ve never had the time to learn to use more than the basics) as it has templates for the standard social media but can be a bit slow sometimes…


  3. Thanks Rosie, this is great. I always wondered how people managed to get pictures on their tweets. I might have a go later 😀


  4. Cheers, Rosie. Being a bit time-stretched (aren’t we all?) I take photos with my iPhone or copy images onto the iPhone and post directly from there on to Twitter. The downside of this, as you have rightly said, is that the ‘whole’ picture doesn’t always fit. I’ll try your method and let you know how I get on. Thanks for the tip.


  5. On another matter, if Rosie – or anyone else knows how to ‘pin’ a twitter post to one’s phone from a ‘smartphone’ and keep it there for all to see (via their phones/iPads) I’d be grateful if you would share your knowledge.


  6. Paint is good, but it has limitations when it comes to formatting text. It’s difficult to center, for instance, you have to do that manually – unless I’m missing something in the tools. You can enlarge your canvas by dragging the right hand edge, I discovered. Choose your background color first! I have an old version of Photoshop and that gives you a great deal more flexibility.


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