Till Heaven Then Forever by Linda Heavner Gerald @LindaHeavnerGer

Till Heaven Then ForeverTill Heaven Then Forever by Linda Heavner Gerald

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Till Heaven Then Forever is a simple love story told from the male POV. Brian is a 64 year old ex-military man. He’s well off and has played the field for several years. He’s been seeing Lily a 39 year old with relationship baggage.

They hit it off and decide to move to his property in the Bahamas. It is an idyllic setting and they spend many years there until Brian is diagnosed with macular degeneration. They decided to sell up and return to the States for Brian’s treatment. They have a new found faith in God and his will to provide all that they need, especially when they decide to find a property in Florida.

Amongst new friends Lily becomes a writer, they look after dogs for friends and finally agree to marry.

This is a light read and I believe more showing the reader the story rather than telling would have improved my connection to the characters. The mass information pieces about the Bahamas didn’t move the story along fast enough for my entertainment. Some of the dialogue felt stiff, I would have liked a little more everyday speech to make it a little warmer. Telling the story from the male POV worked well and it had a good ending.

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